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what is demanded of an individual in the performance of their role. A teacher's workload would include planning preparation teaching and assessment as well as many other administrative duties including recording and reporting. A learner's workload would relate to study attendance at classes completion of assignments and homework. Excessive workload is a major factor in stress.


a page given to learners detailing or providing some activity to be undertaken. The overuse of such an approach is widely criticised partly because of claims that the learner may merely engage in the activities without understanding or thinking being developed. The overuse also leads to all of the problems associated with lack of variation in the classroom. Sometimes worksheets are in use because of shortage of other suitable resources or because of budget concerns.

youth training

work-based training for unemployed school leavers

zero budgeting

a budgeting system in educational management where the allocation of funds is assessed anew with no assumptions made that previous principles or arrangements will apply and so all existing activities are judged in the same way as new proposals.

zone of proximal development

a term from the work of Lev Vygotsky (1896-1934) for the gap between what a learner (a child) can accomplish independently and what they can accomplish when they are interacting with others who are more competent.

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