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This dictionary has aimed at brevity so checking entries elsewhere should assist fuller understanding. There are numerous potential sources for this activity and the following is offered as a helpful introductory selection.


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A subversive guide for cynics and others:

  • Burgess, T. (2002). The devil's dictionary of education. London: Continuum.

Weblinks   A useful glossary from a US educational publisher.   A glossary from an official government agency in England  Numerous specialist educational glossaries are available on this Scottish site. Simply type 'glossary' into the search engine here to find them.   The Wikipedia glossary - which needs to be cross-referenced, like all such 'wiki' sites.    A specialist dictionary of Marxism which contains numerous terms relevant to education.    The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy provides a superb guide to philosophers and ideas related to education.   A good site which provides definitions simultaneously from a range of online dictionaries, including this site.   A website devoted to informal education. The index has some helpul definitions, with lengthier entries on particular educational topics.   A good site, particularly in relation to theories of learning. Another US site with an extensive glossary Site run by British Council - aimed at international audience. Glossary and useful list of abbreviations common in England Brief glossary of terms common in FE or HE sectors A comprehensive guide to philosophical terms and concepts related to education